Want what you Earned

    Recieving acceptance to Resurrection University Baccalaureate Nursing program is an achievement in itself, however the upcoming 2019 graduate class have the following concerns.

    Resurrection University has denied traditional graduation acknowledgement of student's and their achievements outside of standard work study.

    The students who are enrolled in the Baccalaureate Nursing Program who have dedicated additional time and effort towards furthing education and expanding knowledge are not being recognized for thier outstanding achievements.

    Traditionally a student who is honored with stoles, cords, or tassle decorations at graduation ceremonies showcases thier personal and exceptional achievements thoughout thier student career.

    Acknowledgement aids students with increased career qualifications upon graduation and also attributes to confidence and self recognition. These are key components to becoming a successful new graduate nurse.

    This is a petition by the students for the students to receive acknowledgement from Resurrection University at graduation ceremonies.
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