Tell Chuck Todd to stop spreading GOP lies!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: NBC Host Chuck Todd

Over the past year, Chuck Todd has used his platform as the host of NBC's Meet the Press to platform some of the most unrepentant Republican insurrectionists and Big Lie promoters without providing any kind of real pushback on their dangerous conspiracies.

To make matters worse, he's made it clear that he is inherently biased against the Biden administration, "both sidesing" as hard as he possibly can to legitimize bad faith Republican talking points. 

Tell Chuck Todd to stop platforming Trumper Republicans and their lies on his show!

As vocal media critic Matt Negrin puts it, "Chuck Todd is a Republican and it is ethically questionable at best for an ostensible news outlet like NBC News to falsely identify him as a journalist."

While he's welcome to his own political opinions, no matter how wrong they might be, the fact that polls show that fewer Americans now believe Trump is responsible for January 6th is clear evidence that he and many others in the media are deliberately undermining our democracy with the pass they give to insurrectionist Republicans.

If he has a shred of integrity of any kind, he needs to immediately stop allowing Republicans to promote their lies on his show. 

Tell Chuck Todd to stop spreading GOP lies!

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