Walmart, Stop Distributing Environmentally Harmful Plastic Shopping Bags to Customers.

    Single use plastics cause major environmental problems on land and in the oceans. Plastic shopping bags are a big part of the problem and Walmart is a major contributor, distributing 18-20 billion plastic shopping bags each year.
    With the intention of stopping trash at the source, we call on Walmart Stores Inc. to lead the world of large retailers and grocery chains by ceasing the distribution of single use plastic bags. Alternatives are easily available, and shoppers will be trained quickly to use them when plastic shopping bags are not available.

    Shoppers, do your part and stop using plastic shopping bags. It's easy, and will become a habit with a positive impact on the environment. Think about the other single use plastics you bring into your home such as plastic bottles and packaging. Remember the three Rs. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Together we can make a positive difference.
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