During the halo community the BnB has provided quality content for the halo community by going around giving small time streamers and Big time streamers a chance to win $250 PLUS to win a Beast n Bonez challenge their host their gametypes and their maps.... NOW we know its their money their rules we used to see legends like Renzo, B11, tylenul, deciting, gunsreloaded, 15yr, trippey, naded and evader go up agains the brothers of destruction....

    HOWEVER lately the BnB has been unfair and an attention seeking process for the brothers to unfairly take advantage of streamers in a dying game, DRUNK warrior, Kozzn PROCLUTCH and My goggle has been assigned every BnB and ever streamer has lost miserably, then after the loss the brothers call out another team and when the other team is ready They back-out and go pay social slayer COD or FN or another pair with a 0% chance of winning.... We as the halo community will no longer watch the BnB please sign below for them to challenge a duo with a 33% chance of winning because i AM for one tired of watching halo streamers being taking advantage of
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