Please Help prevent Town Council from taking private property from other residents

If you are a Town of Windermere Resident and oppose any action by Town Council to taking private property without compensation, please help by signing this petition.

The following owners need your help

Jerry Fay & Doug Fay

Anne Fanelli

Geore Poelker

Joyce Rose

Curt Fraser

Russell & Cindy Gentry

From 1915 - 2021 private citizens just like you have owned and maintained the Pine Street Boathouses. Town Council has acknowledged the private ownership on the record several times. Since 1960, approx. 40 families have owned the boathouses.   However, for unknown reasons - council is voting on January 11, 2021 to take the private property from the owners. We simply need help to prevent this vote and allow time for a more formal review and conversation. Please help us.

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