Hold Jaguar Land Rover accountable for safety risks!

Jaguar Land Rover is currently facing a legal battle over complaints that faulty parts are impacting the reliability of a range of its diesel cars. The complaint accuses Jaguar Land Rover of poorly designed diesel particulate filters (DPF) in a number of its cars, including Land Rover Discovery Sport (L550), Range Rover Evoque (L538 and L551), Jaguar E-Pace (X450), Range Rover (L405), Range Rover Sport (L494) and Land Rover Discovery (L462).

A blocked DPF can increase exhaust emissions and sometimes put the car into a restricted 'limp-home mode', making it slower and less responsive. This could lead to serious car performance issues, unnecessary expense to owners, and potential safety risks for drivers.

Consumer Voice's mission is to make access to justice easy for consumers. Too many consumers experience problems every day when dealing with businesses in the UK and all too often don't get back the money they're owed.

Jaguar Land Rover is one of many companies Consumer Voice is holding accountable so consumers like you will be safe using their products.

Sign this petition if you or someone you know owns a Jaguar Land Rover and safety matters to you!
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