G7: It’s time to act on Ukraine and our plan

Russia's brutal war on Ukraine has now been going on for over 3 months –  This conflict, like the climate emergency, is being boosted by one of Russia's key exports: fossil fuels. Almost 40% of Russia's income comes from the oil and gas sector, and recent numbers suggests that revenues have almost doubled since the war started

The US and EU have announced measures to stop money from Russian oil from fuelling the war, but they're not effective enough. Western oil and gas companies have managed to exploit loopholes to continue this deadly trade with Russia.

A top UN climate scientist from Ukraine has called on world leaders to make a bigger effort to stop deadly fossil fuels from enabling this war and ensure a rapid and just transition to renewable energy.

The G7, the most powerful group of governments, can and must act now.

Please take action and urge the G7 leaders to impose a total embargo on the import and trade of Russian oil now – and speed up the move to green energy sources, for the sake of peace, human rights and the future of our planet.
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