Sponsor a Child - Change Her Life Forever!

A disturbing memory haunts 27-year-old Shanaz: Her cousin, just 16 years old, gasping in terror helplessly attempts to flee her burning home. But the door had been locked from the outside. 

"It was a dowry death," Shanaz explains. Her cousin's parents couldn't afford to provide a dowry for her, so she was burned to death. 

Without help, Shanaz knew she could have faced a lack of education, early marriage, or even dowry-death herself. Luckily, she found a way to break free. 

When Shanaz had the opportunity to receive a Children International sponsorship she seized it with both hands and changed her life - and the community she lives in - forever. 

Assistance provided through sponsorship helped ensure she could finish secondary school and send herself through college. Today Shanaz is using her income to radically improve her family's home and pay for her siblings' expenses. Even better, her success is showing other families in her community just how beneficial it is for their daughters to get an education. 

Sponsorship gave Shanaz a chance to change her own future for the better - and there are many children out there to whom you can give the same opportunity for only about a dollar a day. 

Sign up today and we will send you a free information kit about a child whose life you can change forever through the power of sponsorship!
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