Kids should always have access to water

When it comes to our kids and their health, water is essential. Drinking water supports children's muscles, joints, and tissues; improves their digestive system; and keeps their growing bodies hydrated. Water can even help children improve how they learn! Adequate water intake can positively impact children's cognitive performance, particularly short-term memory. Drinking water can also improve children's visual attention and fine motor skills.

Unfortunately, many children don't drink enough water. We can change that by making sure water is easily accessible for our kids, though, and you can help!

We are working with policy makers to adopt policies that will help make sure our kids have the water they need to thrive.

Join our campaign to increase water access for our children in Nevada. Together, we will make sure our kids can access one of life's key ingredients for health – water.

Your voice can make the difference. Let's put water within reach for all our children.
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