Tell Congress: Keep The Digital Economy Strong

Technology has improved all of our lives. Thanks to technology, we were able to stay connected with friends and family across the country and the world through the last year and a half.

Competition is key to keeping America's digital and technology economy strong, especially for consumers and small businesses. The government should be able to enforce the law and protect consumers. And, your online data should be yours

Democrats in Congress have an important opportunity to support more funding for antitrust enforcement, and to encourage data portability.

But, as Congress considers legislation to strengthen competition in our digital economy, lawmakers should also take care to make sure that the technology conveniences millions of people rely on every day are not unintentionally prohibited.

Tell Congress to support antitrust enforcement that doesn't sacrifice the tools and innovations we relied on during the pandemic!

Subject: Protect helpful tech tools when considering antitrust enforcement

Dear [Your Members of Congress]:

As your constituent, I am writing to ask that you consider how antitrust enforcement could have unintended consequences that would endanger the tools and innovations we have relied on to get us through the pandemic.

Over the last year, we have depended on technology to stay connected with friends and family across the country. I am concerned that Congress is considering legislation that might unintentionally prohibit the conveniences that millions of Americans rely on. Specifically, I urge you to oppose legislation like S. 2992, which threatens to break Amazon Prime's two-day shipping and interfere with Google search results, effectively increasing consumer costs in the face of already soaring inflation and making it more difficult for consumers to find what they need online.

Please, use this critical opportunity to support antitrust enforcement and data portability, while making sure that it doesn't jeopardize the tools and innovative technologies we have come to rely on.


[Your Name]
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