The UK must continue to deliver lifesaving aid to girls in crisis

The coronavirus is having a devastating impact right across the world, but for the millions of girls already living through humanitarian disaster, it is a crisis on top of a crisis.  

However, just at the time when these girls need UK aid and action more than ever before, the UK Government has re-organised how it will engage with the world. 

Right now, the Government is putting plans in place for a new Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office – we must act now to ensure girls living through crisis are not forgotten.

Email your MP today to call on the new Government department to commit to an ambitious vision which puts promoting equality for girls at its heart.
Our local community has felt the devastating impacts of Covid-19, and the virus is gathering speed around the world. This is rapidly increasing the threats girls living in areas already affected by conflict and humanitarian crises are facing. UK Aid is playing a critical role helping these girls access basic food and health services, it's keeping them safe from sexual violence and enabling them to keep learning.

I'm proud that the UK is delivering lifesaving aid for girls in crisis. But for millions of girls the threats posed by the toxic mix of crises, poverty and inequality — which have been exacerbated by the pandemic — are still everyday realities.

Right now, the government is finalising plans for their new department — the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office - and conducting an integrated review of foreign policy. I want you, as my local MP, to take action to ensure that the UK continues to deliver for the world's most vulnerable girls.

I'd like you to make representations to the Foreign Secretary now, and when Parliament returns, so that he takes decisive action to set out an ambitious vision for the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, which puts promoting equality for girls at its very heart. Specifically, I would be grateful if you would ask him to publicly commit to furthering global progress by retaining and championing DFID's globally respected 'Strategic Vision for Gender Equality' as a core pillar of the new department.

I do hope you share my support for ensuring that high quality UK Aid reaches girls in crisis, and please do let me know how the Foreign Secretary responds to your representations. You can hear more from girls themselves about their hopes for a better future here. If you'd like any further information on this important topic please get in touch with Plan International UK by contacting Penny Hanton, Public Affairs Officer on

With best wishes,

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