Shut Down Cruel Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are factory-like hell holes where mother dogs are forced to breed over and over in filthy, tiny cages until they are "spent." Sick, starving and even pregnant dogs suffer without medical care in overcrowded, feces-infested and urine-soaked cages, shivering in freezing cold temperatures during the winter and suffering in agonizing heat during the summer, according to inspection reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The USDA is tasked with protecting animals in puppy mills, roadside zoos and animal labs, but the agency's shocking leniency enables these abusive operations to get away with vile animal cruelty. After withholding access to animal welfare records, their 2019 Impact Report claimed that 99 percent of licensed facilities were in "substantial compliance" with animal welfare laws without defining what exactly that term means.

Violations of the Animal Welfare Act are common, but details reflecting these widespread abusive operations are conspicuously absent from the report.

The USDA has the power to fine violators, revoke their licenses, and pursue criminal charges, but it chooses to allow many facilities to continue operating even after multiple uncorrected violations. Injured and sick dogs are not properly cared for, leading to a rise in disease outbreaks. By obscuring inspection records, adopting increasingly relaxed animal welfare policies, and barely enforcing established animal protections, the USDA is failing to protect puppies from being abused for profit. It's time to fight back.

Sign this petition urging the USDA to take action end puppy mill cruelty once and for all.
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Department and USDA Secretary, Thomas J. Vilsack:

As a citizen and an animal lover, I am writing to encourage you to conduct thorough inspections of puppy mill facilities, and enforce animal welfare policies when finding violations that directly impact the health and safety of the dogs in a facility.

It is the responsibility of the USDA to inspect the conditions these dogs are kept in to ensure their safety, yet animal cruelty and neglect is rampant due to the leniency of these inspections.

Without consistent enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, dogs, including pregnant ones, become sick or injured, and are forced to live in inexcusable conditions. These dogs should not be living in overcrowded, feces-infested, and urine-soaked cages, and suffer in the freezing cold and scorching heat, especially when an official is inspecting the facility and obligated to report anything that breaches animal welfare policies.

You have the power to fine violators, revoke their licenses, and pursue criminal charges if abuse or neglect is found. Facilities that abuse or neglect dogs should be held accountable without hesitance.

I ask that you reconsider how you conduct inspections of these facilities, and strictly enforce animal welfare policies, so injured and sick dogs will not be left to suffer day after day. In addition, I ask that you ensure facilities are not able to operate after multiple, uncorrected violations, and that inspection records not be obscured. The established animal protections exist for a reason, and I ask the USDA to do the right thing and protect these puppies from being abused for profit.

Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.


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