Demand legislators to stop diverting our utility bill money to fuel pollution!

We have a major problem. The Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a pot of money paid into through our utility bills, that was designed to promote real renewable energy, not serve as a revenue stream for facilities emitting millions of tons of greenhouse gasses during a climate emergency. It's time we prioritize cleaner, sustainable energy sources like wind and solar. We need your support to pass the RREA and eliminate trash incineration from the state's renewable energy platform.

The Reclaim Renewable Energy Act of 2024 aims to exclude energy derived from waste from receiving the highest amount of renewable energy credits from Tier 1 of the RPS. It's a vital step towards ensuring we invest in cleaner, sustainable energy practices that address climate change. For 39 years, the BRESCO trash incinerator-which is currently defined as a tier 1 renewable source alongside wind and solar energy - has spewed thousands of tons of toxic chemicals and greenhouse gasses, causing health issues and climate change. And since 2019, Maryland has sent over $50 million to BRESCO and other in-state and out-of-state trash incinerator companies.

The RREA would end those funds, subsidized by utility ratepayers, and is an essential step towards building a clean energy future. It ensures that our investments in renewable energy truly align with our state's environmental goals, addresses health issues, and reduces our climate impact.

Act now – join us in telling members of the House Economic Matters Committee and the Senate Education, Energy, and Environment Committee to pass the Reclaim Renewable Energy Act of 2024!

Join us in advocating for this important bill that aligns with environmental responsibility.
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