Girls like Isha are working to end Female Genital Mutilation. Will you stand with them?

"Almost as soon as I was cut they [Isha's parents] told me that I had to get married. As young as I was, I asked 'Do I have to marry, or can I go to school?' It was not easy for me, but that is the conversation that I had with my parents. It was a battle between us."

After Isha was subject to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) at 12 years old, she was pressured by her family to get married. Not because her family doesn't love her, but because many families believe that marriage is the only way their daughters can live a comfortable and stable life.

"All they wanted was for me to get married. When I said that I didn't want to do it they told me that they would disown me, that they would just cut me out of the family... It was really hard to go through something like that."

As difficult as it was, Isha refused to be married. Now, she lives at a school that supports young people who have experienced difficulties at home. She is part of Plan International's Girl Power Group, where she mentors other young people, telling them about their bodies and their rights, and how to protect themselves from FGM and child marriage.

Will you support girls like Isha who are advocating against Female Genital Mutilation and creating the change they want to see in their communities?
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