Tell Michigan Lawmakers: Protect Our Access to Affordable Medication!

Patients across Michigan rely on co-pay assistance from medicine manufacturers and nonprofit organizations to afford the medicine we need to survive. Now health insurance companies are trying to take our help away.

Health plans have begun instituting copay diversion programs, refusing to count copay assistance towards our annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

When insurers make co-pays unaffordable for patients, drug manufacturers and non-profits often provide assistance to help patients get the medicine they need.

Insurance companies are forcing patients to pay twice, first with copay assistance – then again from their own pocket. That's not fair!

House Bill 4719 would stop insurance companies from forcing patients to pay twice.

Contact your state Representative today and ask them to protect patients.

Dear Representative: 

Please support House Bill 4719, an important health care fix that puts the needs of Michigan patients first by protecting our access to copay assistance that counts.

Patients living with diseases and conditions like cancer, arthritis, hemophilia, and many others often rely on financial support from nonprofit organizations and prescription manufacturers to help us pay for the medicines we need.

Unfortunately, new insurance company co-pay diversion schemes are taking our help away. 

They're refusing to count our assistance towards our deductible and out-of-pocket maximums for the year.

In other words, if a patient like me uses copay assistance to pay for a $5,000 monthly treatment, the health insurance plan forces me to pay the $5,000 a second time out of our own pockets. 

We shouldn't be forced to come up with payments twice! House Bill 4719 would protect us.

We need your help.

Please support House Bill 4719 today!

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