Tell the Trump Administration: Stop Promoting International Trophy Hunting!

In a new low, the Trump administration has created an advisory council dedicated exclusively to promoting the killing of imperiled wildlife species for sport.

Filled with trophy hunters and gun industry lobbyists, the International Wildlife Conservation Council could wield considerable influence over America's international hunting policies, putting the future of vulnerable species like elephants, lions, and giraffes at grave risk.

Tell President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to stop promoting international trophy hunting and immediately dismantle the IWCC.

Subject line: Dismantle the International Wildlife Conservation Council

Dear President Trump and Secretary Zinke:

The International Wildlife Conservation Council puts imperiled wildlife like elephants and lions at grave risk and should be immediately dismantled.

The IWCC was created to advise the administration on the economic, conservation, and anti-poaching benefits of trophy hunting, but in fact there are very few.

The makeup of the IWCC ensures that recommendations will benefit hunters at the expense of species already on the brink of extinction. Fifteen of sixteen members are either trophy hunters or represent organizations that promote international trophy hunting.

Africa's wildlife is in trouble and the IWCC will only make the problem worse. The global elephant population continues to decline to the point that some scientists predict African forest elephants could be extinct in less than a decade, and in 2015 African lions were added to the endangered species list.

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I call on you to immediately stop promoting international trophy hunting and dismantle the International Wildlife Conservation Council.

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