Help Patients Get Access to the Medicine They Need

Across Georgia, people are struggling to get the medications they need-even though they have health insurance! Why? Because of step therapy. 

Step therapy is a health insurance protocol (also known as 'fail first') requiring Georgians to try and fail one or more medications before getting coverage for the medication that was originally prescribed. This often applies to Georgians living with a wide range of diseases and chronic conditions including cancer, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and more. 

Step therapy second-guesses providers, and often causes patients' health to deteriorate as they try – and fail on – medications which aren't right for their condition and can even cause additional health issues. Another problem is that there is currently no clear appeals and exemption process in Georgia so that physicians can override a step therapy protocol if it threatens a patient's health.

That's why RX in Reach is calling on Georgia legislators to change the law on Step Therapy. We want protocols based on clinical guidelines developed by independent experts, so patients can get the best care possible. Will you join us today in urging legislators to put patients first by reforming Step Therapy? 
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