A End to the government and military and community to not be allowed to do what they want to me and my belongings and they should have to pay me for all chemical and materiel s gas oil and jet fuel the Corporation of all industries company s should have t

    I have been isolated with men not a load to go anywhere they have made me sextraffic have sex with them and no more freezing me heating me no more walking my feet to the bone in all weather's no more breaking my ribs chaining to a sink starving me to death putting me on fire and anything else that hurts and killing my love ones or taking everything And no more videos and audios of me having sex are changing my clothes are 🚿 No more killing my pets and holding my money RETURN WHAT ALL MY BODY MADE THAT I WAS TORCHERD FOR AND STOP ABUSING ME PERIOD
    assinar petição
    assinar petição
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