Make on-demand TV Accessible

Sign RNID's petition to make on-demand TV accessible now, before we deliver it to government in July. 

In 2017, the RNID community changed the law so the government can set targets for how much TV on-demand must have subtitles, sign language interpretation and audio description. But the government haven't put the law into action.

Your signature could make a huge difference to people like Michelle Hedley, 49 from Northumberland who has severe to profound hearing loss:

"It would mean that I have the freedom to choose what and when I want to watch just like everyone else. It would mean that I can have more family times where we watch tv together without struggling to find something we all like and has subtitles." 

By signing our petition, you will join us in calling on the government to enact the Digital Economy Act 2017 and compel broadcasters to make more content accessible. 

We've included audio description in our petition so that we can join forces with RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) and make sure the government know how important accessible TV is for both our communities. 

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