Book Bans Cannot Stand

In schools and libraries all across the United States, books are disappearing from bookshelves.

Book bans primarily target the stories and voices of LGBTQ people, queer people of color and all people of color. A recent analysis shows how the majority of book bans are fueled by a handful of anti-LGBTQ activists challenging multiple titles.

Florida's extremist legislature voted to expand its discriminatory "Don't Say LGBTQ" law to make it even easier to ban books. A single person can file dozens of requests for removal, keeping these important books from youth while they undergo 'review.'  There is an obvious and immediate chilling effect in the classroom and schools as eachers, administrators, and librarians, are forced to choose between removing a book or losing their jobs. 

We know how much representation matters. What a difference it can make in the lives of LGBTQ youth to read stories that affirm who they are. And we know all too well the cost of denying that representation. 

That's why GLAAD is taking action to push back on these hateful book bans. We've joined together with EveryLibrary, a nonpartisan national organization that supports libraries and community efforts to defeat book bans, to put together resources for communities to organize and fight back. 

We need you on our side. The reality is, these book bans are unpopular. Seventy percent of parents OPPOSE censoring reading materials. We need to make our voices heard and push back against the hateful few.

Sign today, and send a clear message: these Book Bans Cannot Stand!

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