Sign NOW to Save the Stokes 7

Something terrible is about to happen if we don't act now.

Denis McDonough – a White House Cabinet official – has personally authorized a NEW ROUND of horrific experiments on cats. McDonough runs the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA). He just wired $426,785 to the Stokes VA lab in Cleveland – the federal government's worst kitten laboratory.

ANY DAY NOW: The VA is going to order a fresh batch of SEVEN KITTENS for painful testing.

The White Coat Waste Project (WCW) exposed how the Stokes victims suffered depression so severe the cats even began self-mutilating.

McDonough already granted the funding. His white coats are flush with cash. But they still haven't purchased the kittens, so McDonough's experiments haven't started yet. This means there's an opportunity – but a very short window of time to intercept – and save the Stokes 7 before the torture begins.

This is the federal government's LAST remaining lab conducting painful experiments on cats and kittens.

We're pleading with you to help us stop McDonough and save the Stokes 7… BEFORE this nightmare begins.

Sign NOW to join White Coat Waste Project and SAVE the Stokes 7!
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