Take Action to Protect America's Health Care

Many Americans are ready to "move on'' from COVID-19, but the virus isn't over for everyone. Hospitals and health care workers are still on the front line, fighting to protect the health of every American. That's happening while cuts to Medicare go into effect—and workforce shortages and supply chain issues put additional pressure on the health care system. 

The Coalition to Protect America's Health Care fights for patient access to quality care and defends hospitals and health systems. We are a community of 2 million advocates, of all political stripes and backgrounds, who go the extra mile to advocate for critical funding for hospitals and health systems. 

The fight for accessible, quality health care continues — and our work has never been more critical. We need you now.

We  need to stand together to protect patients and the hospitals that serve them during this pandemic and beyond. Will you stand up against cuts to Medicare? Add your name to join our community of advocates today!

Join us today and stay connected with front line care at America's hospitals and health systems. We'll keep you up-to-date on how to get involved in protecting your family's health care.

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