Tell the Government to Ensure Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services During COVID-19

Sexual health services are ALWAYS a priority. Remind all elected officials that crisis response includes sexual health and rights! 

Sexual and reproductive health services can't be put on pause during a pandemic. Our rights must be a central part of our country's response to this public health emergency. While federal, provincial, and territorial governments were quick to affirm these services are essential, we need them now to make sure everyone can access that care.  

Right now in Canada, many people are having a hard time:

  • getting tested or treated for sexually transmitted infections, despite the fact that 9 provinces have syphilis outbreaks. 
  • struggling to access contraception, have an IUD inserted or removed, or get the gender affirming care they need. 
  • people who need abortions are facing even worse barriers during this crisis, like new restrictions to services because of reduced capacity and restrictions on travelling to get care.

For people across Canada, not having access to essential health care services can have devastating consequences.

That's why we're asking all governments in Canada to step up to meet their human rights obligations and ensure that all people have access to essential sexual and reproductive health care.

Join us in calling for all governments to work with healthcare providers and regulatory bodies to ensure people in Canada have real access to the sexual and reproductive health care they need during COVID-19 and beyond!

Sign the petition today to add your voice to our fight and protect access to essential sexual and reproductive health care for all Canadians.

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