Save Gaza's Children: Demand Immediate Medical Assistance Now!

Despite international outrage and desperate calls for Israel to halt military operations, the bloodshed in Gaza continues. Recent attacks on a refugee camp in Rafah in the last few days have reportedly killed dozens of people and injured many more.

We can't stand by and watch while tragedies like this keep happening.

With shrapnel wounds, fractures, traumatic injuries and burns, over 80,000 people have been injured since the bombing began. Over a third of whom are children. Children like 9-year-old Fouad.

After sheltering from bombs for weeks, Fouad and his family fled to what they thought was a safe area. Suddenly, a bomb exploded and their little boy was hit.

He was rushed to hospital, where he underwent extensive surgery to repair his deep wounds and save his leg. He endured days of pain, but, sadly, before his wounds had healed, the hospital was forced to discharge him.

Without adequate facilities or access to medical care, the young boy's wounds became infected, and he was rushed back to hospital for another life-saving surgery.

Now, Fouad's injuries require around-the-clock care. His wounds could easily become infected again and, if that happens, doctors will have no choice but to amputate his leg.

We can give Fouad the support he needs. We can dress and clean his wounds, stave off infection and provide him with rehabilitation too. We can prevent his injuries from becoming a life-long disability and help him to walk again. But we need to act fast.

Please sign the petition today to support our call for more medical assistance for the people of Gaza.

Thank you.
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