Raise your voice: Extend the UK Ivory Act to protect hippos!

Enacted in 2018, the Ivory Act bans elephant ivory imports and sales. It's one of the strictest wildlife contraband laws in the world – but it only protects elephants. The exclusion of hippos creates a loophole for wildlife criminals to exploit.

Hippos are slaughtered for their teeth which are traded as a substitute for elephant ivory. This trade is so destructive that the hippo population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo declined 95% in the early 2000s.

Join us in bringing this lesser-known trade to the surface and telling United Kingdom legislators that we cannot afford to lose this iconic species. 

The U.K.'s government is looking to extend protections of the Ivory Act to hippos, so please tell them to act before it's too late. Sign our petition now! 

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