This boy RAPED a 14 year-old girl. And he is still allowed to walk free and live within 120 METRES of her!!!

In 2021, Essex, UK, a 14 year-old girl, still in the process of secondary school education, left a party, only to have an experience she will most likely never forget; an unnamed 13 year-old boy raped her.
This girl was brave and wise enough to tell her parents, and they reported it to be the police. The case went through Chelmsford Crown Court. The court gave him a three-year Youth Rehabilitation Order, but they let him walk free and even allowed him to continue living within 120 metres of her home!!
Because of this, the poor girl is now so anxious that her schoolwork is suffering. She suffers panic attacks and has also encountered him outside her home since. The boy has to wear a tag and has a nighttime curfew, but she is still at risk. So are other girls and other people (and, maybe, nonhumans, too).
This boy needs to be put in jail. He needs to rehabilitated. He needs to have therapy and counselling. He also should be well-cared for, protected, educated and not mistreated in jail. This poor girl also deserves some respite.
Thank you.

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