A Record Low Trout and Salmon Catch in Scotland Has Ecologists Worried. Parliament Must Do Something.

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  • destinatário: Scottish Parliament

Last year, the annual salmon catch in Scotland confirmed conservationists' worst fears: the lowest number of salmon on record were caught in Scottish rivers. Sea trout were also caught at their lowest numbers recorded in 2021. These numbers are shockingly low. Both salmon and trout are cornerstone species, which means that dramatic drops in their populations have ripple consequences for the rest of the ecosystems they exist in. Now that scientists have identified key threats to both populations, local governments must act to protect the vital species!

Sign now to demand that Scottish Parliament improve water quality and strengthen their salmon conservation laws before it's too late!

Unfortunately, the latest data from last year shows that anglers caught barely 75% of the average catch of Atlantic salmon in the last five years -- shockingly low numbers. And unfortunately, this statistic is part of a downward trend -- 2018's salmon catch also broke the lowest recorded record. Why are these numbers so alarmingly low? Pollution and overfishing have been notoriously devastating for fish stock in the past few decades, and now the threat of climate change impacts is looming heavily over all aquatic life. As sea temperatures rise and ocean acidification increases, vital species like salmon and trout are at higher risk than ever and may struggle to adapt. If governments fail to act, we might lose salmon and trout forever.

The survival of salmon and trout affects surrounding species, including otters, ospreys and mergansers, who rely heavily on healthy fish populations to sustain themselves. Put simply, salmon and trout serve vital roles in the food chain and in the health of rivers overall.

The fish are under threat from multiple fronts, meaning their formal protection is more important than ever. We must put pressure on Scottish Parliament to improve water quality and strengthen conservation! Sign now to tell local leaders to act now before it's too late!

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