Tell Congress to Make the Child Tax Credit Expansions Permanent!

This year, millions of families with children have been kept out of poverty thanks to improvements made to the Child Tax Credit as part of the American Rescue Plan. These changes included increasing the value of the credit and making it fully refundable so the families who need it most can finally access the full benefit.

According to United Way's ALICE Report, even before the COVID-19 Pandemic, nearly 40% of households in Michigan could not afford all of their basic necessities. The increased Child Tax Credit has meaningfully improved the financial stability of these households by helping with the costs of childcare, food, and other essentials. In fact, if made permanent, the expansions to the Child Tax Credit would:

  • Reduce poverty in Michigan by 44%
  • Enable more than 800,000 low-income children to access the full amount of the credit for the first time
  • Bring 249,000 Michigan children above or closer to the poverty line

The Child Tax Credit has proven to be an effective tool for increasing economic stability and lifting families out of poverty. While these expansions were only temporary, Congress has the power to make them permanent, keeping millions out of poverty and improving the economic, health, and educational outcomes of children.

Join us today to urge Congress to make these expansions to the Child Tax Credit permanent!

To the Members of the U.S. Congress:

We are writing to urge you to support making the expansions of the Child Tax Credit permanent in the Build Back Better plan.

We all want children in our country to be healthy and cared for. Unfortunately, millions are living in poverty without access to their most basic needs. Ensuring that children and their families can afford necessities like food, housing, and childcare must be a priority for Congress. The Child Tax Credit has proven to significantly reduce childhood poverty and help households afford these essentials.

The temporary expansions of the Child Tax Credit provided an increase in household income and greater financial stability, leading to improved health and educational outcomes for families and providing a boost to local economies. In fact, the changes made to the Child Tax Credit kept millions of children out of poverty..

Unfortunately, these improvements to the Child Tax Credit are only temporary and, therefore, will not be an effective tool in reducing poverty long-term. As elected officials, you have the power to keep millions of children out of poverty by making the expansion permanent. We encourage you to support making the Child Tax Credit expansion permanent as part of the Build Back Better plan.

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