Boycott Netflix's Death Note for Whitewashing!

Netflix has recently announced that they will be producing an American adaptation of the hit Japanese manga and anime Death Note.

The Death Note manga has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. It also brought two films, a globally successful anime, and a musical. The story itself is full of Japanese culture, history, and identity - and the Japanese narrative is essential to the plot and storytelling.

White actors have been cast to play the main characters in this adaptation. Death Note shouldn't be cast with all white actors - as it goes against the very soul of the story.

Adding fuel to the fire, Asian-American actor Edward Zo was refused a part in the series after auditioning for show.

"This would have been an amazing opportunity for an actor of colour, for an Asian actor, to take the global stage and break barriers and break stereotypes... (but) they were not looking to see Asian actors for the role of Light Yagami," said Zo.

Join me in boycotting Netflix's whitewashed adaptation of Death Note.

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