Stop Tim Eyman From Giving More Handouts To the Super-Rich

Tim Eyman wants to give a tax carve-out to the richest Washingtonians. Washington already has the worst tax system in the nation. The poorest pay the biggest share in taxes, while the richest pay the least. 

Washington State passed a modest capital gains tax on stock market profits of the super-rich to: Provide parents with more affordable childcare so they can get back to work, boost schools and education for all of our kids, put more money into families' wallets, and our local economies, and create another 20,000 jobs.

Washington's capital gains tax makes sure the wealthiest pay their share in taxes, like the rest of us. But now Tim Eyman and his cronies are spreading misinformation, hoping voters will fall for his tricks. 

Working parents and kids can't take another setback. We cannot, we will not, let him get away with it. 

We stand with Washington's kids, working parents, and teachers against Tim Eyman.
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