Nearly One in Three Americans Has Medical Debt. Congress Must Cancel It.

Residents of a town in North Carolina just found out that $3.3 million of their medical debt had been canceled by the local Trinity moravian Church. To celebrate, they held a beautiful "debt jubilee" party and physically burned many of the bills that had caused so much anguish for so many people. Images from the jubilee show a joyous, unburdened crowd.

This sweet story is an important reminder that medical debt is cruel and causes untold suffering – and that we should cancel it all, for good.

Sign the petition to demand that Congress finally cancel all medical debt in the country!

Nearly 100 million Americans have over $80 billion dollars in medical debt, including a whopping 41% of American adults. This debt is so difficult to manage that about 20% of those adults say that they doubt they'll ever be able to pay it off.

Medical debt can devastate a person's financial stability, and even prevent them from seeking necessary medical care because of outstanding bills. And it is literally discriminatory: it punishes uninsured people or people with low-quality insurance for simply needing medical attention.

Sign the petition to demand that Congress must cancel all medical debt for good!

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