The Unknown of Water Contamination

    Millions of people across the U.S. are drinking unsafe water. However, this isn’t a problem we can just fix from home ourselves. We need farmers to find ways to stop pesticides from draining into water supplies, manufacturing plants from wasting more, and drug and sewage waste runoff needs to stop. And a big part of water pollution a lot of people don’t look at is vehicle leaks running into water systems. We drink and use water every day. It's a major necessity for crying out loud! If we can’t trust and know what's in our water, how can we care for our well-being?

    Water is not only used for consumption but we use it to water our plants, give it to our pets, children. I'm sure no one wants any disease or contamination to be within their children or pets. And if we continue to just let our water systems be contaminated with all types of bacterias and chemicals we just are taking on more risk of sickness and bad health. Over 2 million Americans have unsafe drinking water and over 63 million people have been affected by water contaminants.

    To stop this we need more teams of people working with farmers and manufacturing companies on how to create less waste and pesticide flushes in water systems. Then we need to start informing people all around the world on what the risk of drinking contaminated water can do and what they can do to stop it. And if you want more ways you can help the cause here are some ideas. Just doing one of these will make a better tomorrow.

    Dispose Of Toxic Chemicals Properly
    Shop With Water Pollution In Mind
    Do Not Pour Fat And Grease Down The Drain
    Use Phosphate-Free Detergent And Dish Cleaner
    Check Your Sump Pump Or Cellar Drain
    Dispose Of Medical Waste Properly
    Eat More Organic Food
    Support Environmental Charities
    Lower Your Meat Consumption
    Avoid Plastic Materials as much as possible.
    Try To Keep Vehicle Leaks To A Minimum.
    Help Plant Some Trees.

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    Farmers: The Unknown of Water Contamination
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