Raise the speed limit on Ellis Road

There are only 4 roads that take Sioux Falls residents from South Sioux Falls to north Sioux Falls. Ellis Road runs along the west edge of Sioux Falls from 57th street to North 60th street. The speed limit is 40 mph except thru the township of Ellis,where it is reduced to 25 mph. Sioux Falls residents should not have to drive that slow. In many small towns the speed limit is reduced to 35 mph on highways that cut thru town, but I'm not sure if Ellis is considered a town on its own or a small number of homes on the outskirts of Sioux Falls. I think they were expecting growth thru Ellis when they set the speed limit years ago, but that never happened. I can see reducing the speed to 35 mph thru Ellis, but 25 mph is barely above school zone speed. The 100s of Sioux Falls residents who  live and work near Ellis road should have just as much say in requesting a speed limit increase as the 8 homeowners whohave driveways directly tied to Ellis road. Increase the speed to 35 mph thru Ellis township. Lets get a speed study done so we can raise the speed limit.

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