Ban noncompetes!

MAGA extremist Jim Jordan is in a new fight against workers. As the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) considers a ban on exploitative noncompetes that big corporations use to restrict workers and keep their pay low, Jordan is siding with the big corporations.

Jordan is outlandishly accusing the FTC and the Biden administration of a "power grab" to "centrally plan the American economy." The right-wing Chamber of Commerce is in an all-out blitz to protect its corporate members from treating workers fairly. While MAGA extremists try to stop this ban and trade groups that represent McDonald's, ExxonMobil, Johnson & Johnson, and other giant corporations try to pocket massive corporate profits, we must show our support for putting an end to noncompetes.

Sign the petition to the FTC: Ban noncompetes to protect workers and raise wages.

The 30 million workers subject to these exploitative practices span from tech workers to doctors to many in low-wage sectors. Fast food workers, home care workers, baristas, janitors, and so many more could be forced to sign a noncompete by a big corporation that prevent them from getting a new job at a new coffee shop, restaurant, health care company, and so on. It keeps people stuck in jobs, regardless of working conditions, and depresses wages.

President Biden made this point clear, saying "One in five workers without a college education is subject to non-compete agreements. They're construction workers, hotel workers, disproportionately women and women of color." This is a tool corporations use to pay workers less and restrict their workers' choices—and increase their corporate profits.

Republicans and the massive corporations that fund their campaigns are opposing a measure that takes control away from big business, gives power back to workers, and forces companies to pay fairer wages or lose workers. It's clear they're on the wrong side of this fight.

Banning noncompetes could increase worker pay by $300 billion per year and bolster innovation. We must stand up to the massive corporations and their lobbyists who will try to stop this.

Add your name to urge the FTC to ban exploitative noncompetes.

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