Scientists Agree - Harming the Environment Should be a War Crime

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  • destinatário: The United Nations
The Geneva Convention is an agreement signed by all member states of the UN that explicitly describes which things are crimes during war. It outlines human rights abuses especially, but it totally ignores one important victim of war: the environment. That's why 24 prominent scientists from around the world are calling on the UN to make destruction of the environment during war a war crime. 

Will you sign on to support this important move to protect our enivornment?

The environment is rarely considered during times of war when the focus is on humans, border and regimes. But it shouldn't be that way, considering we need to protect the earth if we want to continue to survive as a species. As of summer 2019, the UN is meeting to figure out how to add upon the existing 28 things listed in the Geneva Convention, which was originally signed almost 100 years ago in 1929. That's why now is the time for us to put pressure on this international body to add language to protect the environment during war

Climate change, which is completely the fault of human error, is threatening to completely destroy our planet right now. That's why swift and broad changes must take place globally is we want any chance of a future inhabitable world. Right now, so many things go out the window in times of war. Human rights abuses abound, countless innocent people are killed or suffer tremendously. But there are things we can do to hold nations accountable for their destruction. 

Expanding the Geneva Convention to cover environmental welfare would be a huge, important step in protecting our environment. Will you please sign on to tell the UN to add in this protection just as the scientists are calling for?

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