End the Criminalization of Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Survivors of child sex trafficking need your help. Instead of being treated as victims, children across the U.S. are being arrested for crimes they were forced to commit as a result of being trafficked.

But New Hampshire can change this injustice. By passing House Bill 189, the state can set an important national precedent for exempting child sex trafficking victims from criminal penalties for crimes they committed as a direct result of their victimization.

New Hampshire's legislative session ends on June 30, so now is the time to show your support before time runs out.

House Bill 189 would extend protections for survivors of child sex trafficking to prevent them from being charged for "any other misdemeanor or non-violent class B felony, where the conduct was committed as a direct result of being trafficked."

"It was an extremely brutal time," said one survivor of child sex trafficking who testified in support of House Bill 189. "It's often being raped, beaten up, dropped on the side of the road, drugged, gagged, choked out – it's a very traumatic experience." While being trafficked, she was arrested on multiple charges, including theft. But she committed the acts as an expression of pain.

"The need to boost those neurochemicals and escape from my reality was a big part of that," she explained. "It was a very hard life. You're a victim and you're treated like a criminal."


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We did it!

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has now signed House Bill 189 into law, which exempts child victims from facing criminal penalties for non-violent offenses committed as a result of human trafficking.

The team at Freedom United sends a huge thank you to the over 79,500 supporters who signed our petition, our partners, and the survivor advocates who helped get House Bill 189 across the finish line.
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