Censure Trump lapdog Matt Gaetz for mocking coronavirus victims with his reprehensible gas mask stunt!

  • por: ODAction.com
  • destinatário: The U.S. House of Representatives

On March 6th, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) sauntered onto the floor of the House of Representatives wearing a military-grade gas mask to cast his vote on an emergency funding bill to combat the coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the globe.

Gaetz is no stranger to political stunts, but this latest antic truly raises the bar for obnoxious behavior in Congress. Making light of COVID-19 – which has killed thousands worldwide – during an official congressional vote on the House floor is grossly insensitive, revealing blatant disregard for the seriousness of the matter and a total lack of empathy for those currently affected by the growing health crisis.

In a twist of irony, just days after making light of the pandemic, Gaetz actually landed himself in a 14-day quarantine for possible exposure to COVID-19 during a GOP political action conference in Maryland. It turns out self-righteousness and moral repugnance aren't adequate safeguards against the virus.

While it's up to voters in Florida's 1st Congressional district to quarantine Gaetz from Congress for good this November, the U.S. House should punish him now for his garish stunt. Rep. Gaetz brazenly flaunted decorum, broke House rules regarding dress, and mocked the coronavirus pandemic rattling Americans from coast to coast. Tell Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats in the House to censure Rep. Gaetz immediately for his callous actions.

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