Stop Bullfighting EVERYWHERE!

Bullfightng is full of torture! 

Before a bullfight, the bull has wet newspapers shoved in his ears to mute sound.  Vaseline is rubbed into his eyes to blur them.  Cotton is stuffed into his nostrils to inhibit his breathing and a needle is inserted into his genitals.  A strong corrosive is rubbed on his legs to make walking uncomfrotable and prevent him from lying on the floor. He will be held in a long box for a few days before entering the ring in order to disorient him.  When he is finally let out of the box, he's desperate for the light at the end of the tunnel, thinking his suffering is over.  Instead he runs into the bullring to begin his torutrous last moments on Earth, with a mob of insane people screaming excitedly to see him destroyed in a most vile and horrible way!

He is attacked with knives and run to exhaustion and then killed in very sadistic ways. This is not entertainment!

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