Pass LB #918- Create African American Family Commission in Nebraska

    Over 50-years, the Nebraska Latino American Commission (NLAC) has existed within the State of Nebraska. The mission of the NLAC is to address concerns, issues and devise solutions, including creating businesses and programs, to advance economic and social development within the Latino community-at-large throughout the state of Nebraska.

    Moreover, the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs (NCIA) has been a viable commission for the past 49-years within the State of Nebraska. This commission's mission includes addressing concerns, issues and formulating solutions regarding Indian people in Nebraska. NCIA also has the authority to create resources that advance the economic and social advancement and wellness of Nebraska Indian communities-at-large.

    We, the Nebraska African American community and supporters, hereby submit this petition in support of passing LB #918, to create a Nebraska Africa American Family Commission (NAAFC). The long-overdue NAAFC will address the concerns, issues, and needs of African Americans throughout the state. As the aforementioned commissions, NAAFC will provide solutions and utilized resources to advance the economic and social progress of African/Black American communities-at-large.

    Finally, we join in efforts with the Nebraska Commission of Indian Affairs and Nebraska Latino American Commission in support of conducting a disparity government contracting study resulting in findings and recommendations.
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