Make the Pledge of Allegiance Optional in Public School Morning Announcements

    With the rise in BLM related content, it has brought me to question another long used staple of American culture with a dark past - the Pledge of Allegiance. Francis Bellamy, writer of the Pledge, was a white supremacist who wrote the Pledge as a means to push forward a pro Anglo-Saxon agenda for America. The Pledge is rooted in anti immigrant sentiment and it very obviously whitewashes all the oppression towards minorities this country is built upon. In a country where the First Amendment states that we as residents can critique the state, why are we still pledging undying loyalty to our country in 2020? In 46 states, public schools are mandated to make time for the Pledge in the mornings. By sharing this petition, I hope to allow schools to consider choosing to not make Pledge time for themselves in the mornings.
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