Safer signs around school bus zones on country roads!

    On the 3rd of March 2016 my 7 year old son Connor was waiting for his school bus with his 4 other brothers and sister. He was hit and killed by a driver doing 100km which is the speed limit on our road. I have contacted our local council, MP and road of transport a number of times about putting signs up, but nothing has been done.
    I feel what needs to be done is for signs to be put up in all bus zones on our country roads stating that there is a bus zone and that drivers need to 25km past a bus when it is stationery for the safety of all children standing on the side of 100km speed zone. There is a sign on the back of a bus stating that it is 25km passed a bus but that is Definitely not enough warning for drivers. Please help me make the changes that need to be made so no other children die while waiting for their school bus.
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