Victorville elementary school district (VESD) needs to have cameras on their buses

On april 10th 2018 my daughter was involved in an accident on the bus due to staff negligence.

My daughter is a 5 year-old kindergartener who is also disabled and wheelchair-bound. She was not properly fastened into the bus's wheelchair straps/clips on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at or around 8:30 a.m. on her way to school. I received a call stating that my daughter's wheelchair had tipped over and she was fine with no injuries or no visible injuries. I was on the phone with dispatch for approximately 1 minute before heading to the incident site. During that call I made it clear that I was on my way. As soon as I stated that I was on my way the dispatch then said that my daughter had apparently cried / whined and then fell asleep. I assured the dispatch that I was on my way to the site she then said that they were calling paramedics because my daughter had fallen asleep.

When I got to the site which is around the corner from my house it took me approximately 1 minute to get there. The driver, her supervisor, and a maintenance for the buses was already on site. Mind you the paramedics should have been the first once called, and then her parents, The driver indicated that my daughter did not hit the floor (which is highly unlikey) she also stressed that my daughter did not hit her head but that is also highly unlikely being that my daughter has poor head control as well as 0 protective response reflex.

The paramedics arrived on site within 5 minutes during those 5 minutes that I was there my daughter was completely unconscious. She continued to be in an unconscious state for 6 hours, we did not know what was going on with her, why she was not waking up, her normal state for her condition was being compromised due to the fall.

She then regained consciousness around 1:30 p.m. and we were then transferred to Loma Linda University Children's Hospital for further testing. We were sent home the same night the only instructions or to keep her under close supervision and take her to her neurologist immediately.

When I took her to neurology on April 17th 2018 (that was the soonest appt) are neurologists had clearly stated that she had suffered a concussion. I am demanding that the Victorville Elementary School District transportation have cameras on their buses for incidence like these or worse.

The fact that my daughter's life was on the line and the bus driver would not own up to her mistake nor be helpful and truthful of the incident proves that there definitely needs to be cameras on those buses.

Children like my daughter especially cannot defend themselves nor can they explain what happened, how it happened, and if any harm is being done to them. I urge every parent to sign this petition for our children and their safety. I pray that no other family has to go through the trauma of not knowing if their child will wake up, due to the unprofessionalism as well as the complete selfishness to tell the truth about what happened. With cameras on these buses there will be a way to look back at footage if any issues occur.

I also demand for the Victorville Elementary School District transportation to properly train their employees before allowing them to handle children at all. The Transportation unit has denied any possible mistakes on the driver's behalf. My daughter goes on the school bus everyday to school and not one incident like this has happened to her. My reason for this petition is to demand safer school buses for children, our children. Since the accident has happened her or her twin sister have not been on the bus due to my fear of another incident occurring. Cameras on the district's buses would be beneficial on both sides!

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