These Students Sang a KKK Themed Christmas Carol and School Officials Shrugged

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: Dover School District
Nothing says Christmas like a good old fashioned carol, but when it's coupled with racism? Not so much. Which is why some students in Dover, New Hampshire's Dover High have become the focus of a lot of unwanted attention.

11th-graders at Dover High were given a history project in which they had to make a Christmas carol using the events of the Reconstruction era — the period of American history that followed the Civil War and went on till around the late 1880s. While some took the project seriously, two students decided to have a bit of a laugh, in all the wrong ways.

The students prepared and performed a Christmas carol sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells" replacing the classic lyrics with lines that were beyond offensive. In a video that was later uploaded to Snapchat by a fellow student, the two could be singing:

"K.K.K., let's kill all the blacks, burn a cross on their front yard."

While you can hear some students laughing in the background, not everyone thought it was funny. In fact, some students were so offended they recorded the event or told their parents. The whole mess resulted in the teacher being put on paid administrative leave. But as of yet, nothing has happened to the young adults who performed the disgrace.

The Dover School District says they are currently investigating, but what is there to investigate? These students knew what they were saying, they knew it was hurtful and yet, without shame decided to mock one of the most horrific moments in American history.

They should be punished by the school and required to take sensitivity training so they can truly understand their actions.

Sign the petition telling Dover School District you agree.
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