Acknowledge Primary Function of Women’s Contraceptive as Hormone Support

    As a human with a uterus, this constant desire for the government, employers, men, etc to control said uterus is exhausting.

    Just yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled to make it easier for our employers to deny insurance coverage of what is considered to be "contraceptives" for women. They are slowly breaking down the Affordable Care Act to inject their religious beliefs back into our rights as humans.

    What does this mean? They want to make it easier for your employer to decide that slightly lower insurance rates for everyone is better than making everyone pay a little extra to cover what is currently known as "Birth Control".

    This issue? Not every woman is prescribed birth control to prevent birth. Birth control (pills, NuvaRing, IUD, etc) utilizes a controlled release of hormones to balance levels within the body for most of the methods. There are differing levels of hormones for different bodies, but the hormones are there to do more than just prevent a child from being created. In many cases, those hormones help balance out the body so the person using it can simply function day-to-day.

    In the long run, the use of a "birth control" reduces medical bills for them needing to be admitted to hospitals for pain or other issues.

    So, what's the proposal?

    Renaming Birth Control to "Hormone Support", and removing the descriptor that it is simply a "contraceptive".

    While it may have a "side effect" to prevent pregnancy, in truth, it is there to help balance out the body.

    Sign. Share. Let's take this opportunity to fight back.
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