Why does our government allow any of its elected officials to lie to the people?

    We the undersigned citizens petition the U.S. federal government for a redress of harm done to all American citizens by not putting hate speech and lies from elected Officials, outside the limits of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As elected officials, they should be held to higher standards and norms. The lies have come from Administrations and Congresses led by members of both the G.O.P. and "establishment Democrats". If the Congress members cannot hold their members accountable for the felonies they committed to aid and abet EX-President Trump in his coup attempt then maybe it can be done by either a citizen or military tribunals.

    In every instance, there is only one real truth. No matter how one tries to spend the truth by wrapping their lies in layers of minor true facts, it is still a lie. This is how we ending up with a sitting president encouraging all his followers, who believed his lies, to invade our Capitol annex on January 6, 2021, because he wanted to overturn election results that he could not change in more than 50 court cases brought before judges that had been appointed by both Republican and Democratic Presidents. Even the Supreme Court who he packed with three associate justices, the last one forced in just before the 2020 General Election just to try to adjudicate an Election victory for him by overturning millions of votes of registered American voters. The Supreme Court threw out the Texas attempt to overturn the votes of millions of voters in the states Trump contested.

    Now the Republicans in The Senate want to not vote in the Second impeachment trial because they know any witness called would implicate them as willing participants in the "Big Lie" Being told by Trump since the November election. Many of these same Republicans in both Houses aided and abetted the insurrectionists in the days leading up to Trump's seditious act by even giving them tours of the Capitol building pointing out the different Congressional leaders' offices. They beat a capitol policeman to death with a fire extinguisher and many others with the flagstaffs they carried, even some with American flags spread excrement on walls, did millions of dollars in damage to the building and to
    its interior furnishings. They rifled through the desks of both party members and the offices of both too and stole personal and official items in their attack. Did Trump promise to pay their legal fees as he did to his followers during his 2016 campaign rallies? He should be made to pay those fees if he did.

    A president who incites his followers to commit felonies as Trump has done throughout his ONE should not only be impeached again but also be banned forever from involvement in any forms of our government, from entering or participating in any politics to run for election for any elected position in America. He should also face criminal punishment along with the confiscation of all properties and funds up to and including the amount stolen from our Treasury from his Trump Org. billing the federal government for the costs of his presidential entourage and his Secret Service's room and food and beverage, even over-priced golf cart rentals and "resort fees". Trump org also billed for state events held at his many resorts and at the Trump DC Hotel. He ordered the Air Force to refuel at a small airport near one of his Scottish golf resorts. The heroes were also forced to rent expensive rooms at that resort. The food and drink allowance barely covered their food.




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