Chris deserves the Best Medical Care!

On June 19th, 2020, Chris Contawe, a 22-year-old college student from Vallejo, California, survived a 200-ft fall while hiking, resulting in an incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI), paralyzing him below the nipple line. Chris underwent emergency surgery at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington and the post-surgery physical examination determined that he still has some feeling below the level of injury.

We are petitioning the Kaiser Permanente Group to refer Chris to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado due to the possibility of partial recovery from his injuries. Craig Hospital is one of the leading SCI hospitals in the world and offers

- a world-class rehabilitation program
- newest technology and equipment for SCI rehabilitation
- a NeuroRecovery network that helps SCI patients improve quality of life and supports patients in regaining independence

Craig Hospital has a contract with Kaiser and has also communicated directly with our family that Chris is an ideal candidate for their program. Kaiser has referred families with Kaiser NorCal insurance to Craig in the past. For reasons that were not specified by Kaiser, Chris's referral to Craig has been denied.

There is no reason why Kaiser should be denying his case. For Chris, this referral can make all the difference for his recovery. Please sign this petition to encourage Kaiser to do the right thing - he deserves the best care possible!

Atualização #11 meses atrás
Dear Family and Friends,

Today Chris turns 23 years old! He started rehab at Harborview in Seattle and is doing well. Rehab is challenging, but Chris is ready to work hard and recover!

Unfortunately after four attempts to plead our case with Kaiser, we received final word that a transfer to Craig in Colorado was rejected. Instead we received approval for Harborview and are extremely happy with all the staff and believe Chris will also receive great care here. Thank you all for your support!
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