Fight For Justice

The reason why I started this petition was because there is an obvious need to soften the racial tensions at my school. I inappropriately called a student out on her racist remarks on black men, black hair, dark skin, and black people's behavior. For that, I received one day of OSS (Out Of School Suspension). I understand that me calling her those rude names was wrong and I apologize for that but I do not apologize for my intention of telling her that what she was saying was completely out of line. What I want to gain from these signatures is awareness of the other student's wrong-doing and awareness of the fact that we as a people need to educate each other on how to understand each other. Instead of tearing down one another over something as small as skin color. My goal is to reach at least 100 signatures and it would be greatly appreciated if you encourage others to sign this as well. 

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