Support Milford-Sheldon Bus drivers

    We have an extremly important issue that has been going on for years that needs your utmost emergent attention. Parents of children who are misbehaving on our school districts bus are trying to cause trouble with our school bus driver. They are not only harassing the driver, but also trying to get them fired. These children are yelling out profanities and cursing at other children and our bus driver. These children are talking about sex, drugs, and other X-rated subjects. These disruptive misbehaved children are making foul and inappropriate jesters about sex and flipping off other children and the bus driver. They are displaying violence and fighting on the bus. They place their feet out in the aisles as to trip other children and aggrivate the driver. They refuse to sit in their assigned seats as instructed. They also move about the bus while it is moving. They leave garbage and food on the bus. Their parents walk up to the bus doors and screem at the driver. All the while our communities children as young as 5 years old are forced to sit, listen, and watch them. This bus drives children K through 12 students to and from school. The parents of these unruly children are instructing their children to video tape the bus driver while they are driving. These children sit behind the bus driver while they are driving and they hold their phones up in clear site while video taping the driver while they drive our children. We do not pay taxes for our children to be forced to be exposed to this behavior of the children who are allowed ride the very buses we pay for to take our children to and from school. The parents of these children should be made to drive their children to and from school since they are unable to control their childrens criminal behavior and condone their violence. The parents of the misbehaving children are claiming their children are being singled out. What is really signals these children out is their despicable behavior. Even when given replacement drivers, these children act up even worse! This bus driver holds EVERY child accountable for their actions. The driver's family is also a contributing member of our community whose family has done much for our school system.
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