China: Please Ban ALL Consumption of Dog and Cat Meat Once and for All!!!!!

  • por: Victoria Salter
  • destinatário: China Embassy UK, China Embassy USA, China Embassy Canada, China Embassy Australia, China Embassy New Zealand, Chinese Government, United Nations

Hello 👋,
In China, each year, thousands of cats and dogs are cruelly packed into cages, blowtorched and boiled alive for their meat. Many of these animals are kidnapped companion animals, often snatched off the streets. In China, despite international outrage and outrage from Chinese citizens, the torture and killing of animals, for their meat, on fur farms and for Chinese "medicine", is often perfectly legal.
Shenzen, China, have a proposed law that would outlaw 2020's Yulin Dog Meat Festival. If it is met with positive feedback from the public, it will be signed into law. I say, let's show China that we all want this signed into law!!! It would save thousands of dogs' and cats' lives, and help to protect human safety!!!! No one should need to torture and slaughter animals for meat anymore!!!!!
We pledge to boycott China and Chinese products until Yulin and ALL dog and cat meat is banned permanently. Stopping just Yulin will not stop all dog and cat meat slaughter and torture in China, so let's get ALL trade in and consumption of dog and cat meat banned permanently in China!!!!
Thank you 😊.
Best Wishes to all,
Have the best day and night ever!

Atualização #129 dias atrás
Hello 👋,
I have emailed (or tried to) the Chinese Government several times. Please email them, not just once, but as much as you can. Imagine the result if every signer of this petition emailed the Chinese Government every day until these nasty, barbaric trades are brought to an end. Imagine how many dogs and cats could be spared!
Here’s the email 📧 address:
Please also kindly ask everyone you know to sign, share and email them kindly to help stop this...
Thanks 😊
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