Love is blind they say, so hate is also, right?

    My issue is that African American people are no longer the minority. They are afforded the same opportunities as anyone else in the United States, and have had the same level of respect and even more than any other race in todays' society, opportunities, and available benefits because they have played out the minority, black lives matter excuse, so much, everyone else excuses them. They are afforded more breaks and have more at their fingertips than any other race ever has. African American rap genre artists say they are sick of being the odd man out and we are all so unfair to them, they have it so bad and are always victims. But you yourselves call each other, nigga this and nigga that....but God forbid someone like Paula Dean say the negro people on a cooking show. Why is it wrong for her when the word is used in millions of rap and R & B songs all over the world. If you do not wish to be called that word then take it out of your everyday jargon and language styles. Italians don't go around singing about being a Wop, nor do the people of oriental descent call themselves chinks or gooks. At one point, a few yrs ago, young black males of African American descent were going through this trend where it was cool and brave to killl police officers and would go up to patrol cars driverside windows and just nonchalantly shoot officers. It got out of hand, but law enforcement were scared and afraid to go out and protect the public for fear of never making it home. The odd thing is that when they became a little jumpy and more alert to protect themselves and not take chances, all the sudden officers were too violent and just because the eight young black males, before Jerome, shot at or killed an officer or more, does not mean that poor poor Jerome was going too....REALLY!!!!.... Not only would any human do the same thing, but those are some brave men and women who had the heart to conquer their fear and put themselves at risk but not knowing what in the world they, personally have done to deserve this. They are protecting us day and night, there's already a few bad apples that make it hard enough a job, that now they have to watch their back and worry all the time. When an officer who has heard of at least three or more fellow officers, that have been murdered, shoots a fleeing suspect for reaching into his hoodie, seemingly searching for his weapon to pull, all helll breaks lose ...again.... and he is placed in the hot seat for doing his job. And this "Black Lives Matter," chaos starts. lives don't matter, or white lives don't matter, or yellow lives don't matter??? I'm with Kermit the Frog when he stated, "It ain't easy bein Green!!!!!" The thing that just blew me away, was the fact that you started riots and began looting and destroying your own neighborhoods and local businesses and assumed everyone else should come to the aid of the poor colored folks and rebuild their communities. If you wish to be respected and treated fair and not be singled out, then please stop the jargon and slang you're so uncomfortable with, stop solving hate and violence with more hate and violence. And when you have an opportunity take it and quit pushing tthem aside because they may be harder or a longer road. No matter what is thrown your way, I guarantee that it, and more, has also been thrown at every race and being in some form or another. Do not be satisfied with being less than, or a victim to have it easier. Stand up! Alll Lives Matter! Stop the word Nigga or Nigger by taking the word out of your vocabulary. Understand that the one sour grape in the bunch does not encompass that whole bunch of grapes. Show positive light, not negative darkness! We are all made of the same basic materials, we are just packaged different.
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